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Help is dedicated to providing responsive, professional technical support that consistently exceeds our clients expectations. Our clients are supported by a Client Services team that is committed to prompt and accurate solutions to your questions. We listen to our clients, and work in concert with our Software Development team to continually improve our functionality, based on the specific needs of our clients. It’s this commitment that makes the trusted online registration software provider for thousands of organizations.


Online Training. Online help files can be found by clicking on the "Help and Resouces" link withing the desktop application.


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If you don't have Microsoft .Net 2.0™ Framework installed you can download the Framework by clicking Download .Net 2.0 and following the directions on the page.



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“Thank you to you and your support team for being so responsive to our needs!”      -Science Center, WA

“I would also like to thank all of friends at Count Me In for all of their help and hard work in making this conversion a complete success!”       -Museum Director, New York

“After using CMI for only a few months I can't believe I lived without it for so many years!”      -State University, MO